We Are CJI

CJI is Trading Academy which has been committed to teaching the skills you need to make you smarter trader/investor. CJI is backed by award winning stock market wizards.

CJI is led by Chaitanya Jaiswal who is the best trader in the world and is World Record holder for Golden Book of World Records for Largest Market Portfolio Appreciation in a Quarter in Equity Segment of Stock Market.

Our courses include instruction from experienced professional traders/investors, hands-on trading using state-of-the-art equipment and tools, and a framework for learning the stock market. We are committed to help investors learn the skills necessary to have the ability and confidence of a successful trading professional.



We invite you to join us for the unique course. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to train you to achieve your financial goals. CJI's unique course will ensure that you are equipped with skills to trade with profits, invest for highest returns and become part of the community of traders and investors who are committed to success.


Picking right stock is not a "Guess Work". Every stock investing strategy is needs serious understanding. We train you for better understanding of the Market.


Grip on Fundamentals and Technicals


Our clients have immensely benefitted through our course. Many of them have earned multifold profits over a period of time.


This core exercise helps you to identify key market turning points and major moves in advance while trading in real market.


Unique course on stock trading, training you for the skills and discipline to trade in stock market and come out as winner.


Course includes a live session. Assisted by professional trader during live trading sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution.


A systematic approach to investing and trading, through deep knowledge of market parameters. Make informed decision about long term and short term as well as day trading calls.

Our experienced trainer will help you in formulating strategies which will continuously nurture your portfolio and grow as you trade into market ups and downs. We have many success stories on how our clients could reverse past losses and made huge profits once they received training from our professionals.

Our belief is that stock market is not a gamble or guess work, but it is a market in which everyone can make profit through understanding, analytic, tools and guidance.

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Trading and investments in Equities and Commodities are subject to market risk, we give no assurance or guarantee of the returns. Please read and understand the Risk Disclosure Document and Do's & Dont's prescribed by the Exchanges carefully.
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